Swiss Quality meets

Mediterranean Taste

It is our mission to create new generation Swiss chocolate and snack food products of the highest quality, consisting of pure ingredients sourced, processed and packaged in a sustainable manner for the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s consumers.

At Domani Food, we put the consumer at the centre of what we do. Analysing today's and tomorrow's consumer needs, we take a backward integration approach towards developing our innovative food brands.

“Eat Right“ Philosophy
“Sustain Right“ Philosophy

We collaborate with local institutions such as Fondazione Diamante to support socially marginalised communities. We provide employment in our production facility for those who cannot find work elsewhere.

The rise of non-communicable diseases like diabetes and obesity requires the re-thinking of our nutrition and lifestyle choices. We work with renown nutritionists in developing our products to offer healthier, yet tasty snacking solutions.

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Abouzar, Julia and Funda love good food. Based on their extensive expertise and over 140 years of background in family businesses in the food and sustainability sector, they founded Domani Food with the vision to combine the best practices of safe and high quality food production with new food trends. 

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