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Summer is finally here! I am delighted to finally enjoy those evening drinks on the terrace, summer BBQs and holidays. But, is it possible to stay in shape all while enjoying yourself? Of course! Here are 10 tips to incorporate into your daily life so that you can enjoy a balanced Summer.

Summer is my favourite season because seasonal produce is colourful, delicious and fresh. My favourite products include tomatoes, herbs, rhubarb, melon, peas, radishes, and strawberries to name a few. I try to cook as many vegetables and fruit every day, incorporating as many colours to create healthy, delicious recipes.

1. Balance your plate To better manage your hunger levels, I recommend you take a smaller plate and if necessary, go back for a second serving. I recommend you fill half your plate with various fruits and vegetables. Then fill up the other half with animal or vegetable protein as well as carbohydrates.

2. Drink enough water! Hydrate yourself as much as possible! I consume a lot of water and I know it's not easy for everyone. I always start my day with two big glasses of water and carry my reusable bottle everywhere with me. For a little variation, add fruits or aromatic herbs to the water and create your own infused water!

3. Eat the rainbow It's the most beautiful season of the year in terms of colours! Swiss products, which can be found between June and August, include; berries, tomatoes, apricots, aubergine, spinach and cucumber. My favourite recipes are Gazpacho, basil omelette, strawberry and mint sorbet, chicken skewers and rhubarb chutney.

4. Watch your sauce intake There are some things you can do to reduce calories, and something you can do is reduce sauces or use alternative ingredients. There are some delicious yoghurt-based recipes to accompany your grilled meat or a plate of vegetables.

5. Pay attention to what you are drinking It is important not to deprive yourself of alcohol and summer cocktails but you have to be aware of the calories in some drinks and from time to time, substitute one for another. For example champagne or prosecco instead of a glass of white. A small beer instead of a large one. To avoid spending your time snacking on peanuts and crisps, favour crudites, vegetable crisps and dried hams.

6. Eat local The origin of your food should never be neglected. It is always better to choose local and seasonal products. Not only will they taste better, but you are helping the environment by being sustainable!

7. Eat slowly Take your time! Enjoy the conversations around the table, do not rush your food into you. The slower you eat, the easier it will be for you to listen to your stomach and know when you are full.

8. Organise your week Take a look at your weekly schedule and organise your meals around major events, outings to restaurants and parties. If I know I'm going to be consuming a large meal in the evening, I will be mindful of what I am eating during the day.

9. Curb your sweet tooth craving with fresh fruit It is the best season to eat fruits of all colours and flavours. This does not mean that I refuse a good scoop of ice cream or desserts, but I avoid eating them every day. I try to favour berries, strawberries and watermelon.

10. Be active I love to move but in the summer I am even more motivated to walk by the lake, go to the mountains, swim in the pool or in the lake. Even while sitting behind a computer all day you can always make the most of your lunch break and go for a little walk. A little physical activity is always recommended. It's important to stay active!

Enjoy your Summer to the max! I advise you to take on 1-2 tips at a time and apply them little by little. We must enjoy ourselves as much as possible, just remember to be mindful about what you are eating.

The Author: Sara Dubler

Sara believes that the key to life is all about balance! She takes part in many fitness activities and sports, her favourite at the minute being CrossFit, which she started in 2017. Sara thinks it is very important to eat healthily and loves cooking up recipes which she shares on her blog or through Instagram @_ahungryblonde_.

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