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In light of International Women's day, which takes place on 8th March, we have selected 4 women who inspire us to eat better.

With International Women's Day coming up, we wanted to highlight some of our inspiring foodies who have overcome health-related issues or who have a passion for food and have grown to develop success online platforms and businesses. We are proud to support women who can come out stronger! Not to mention that the collection of recipes from these women alone are simply delicious! We hope you enjoy discovering more about these lovely ladies.

1. Deliciously Ella

UK-based Deliciously Ella was launched in 2012 when she was still at university. She was diagnosed with a condition called Postural Tachycardia Syndrome following four months in and out of hospital. The condition affected the workings of her autonomic nervous system; as well as struggling with digestive issues, chronic fatigue and infections amongst other symptoms. She was prescribed a cocktail of medication, but unfortunately they had limited success in managing the condition and after about a year she hit rock bottom, both physically and mentally.

Ella provides us with mouthwatering plant-based dishes, perfect for every occasion.

These days, Ella and husband Matt are managing a full grown business. They have a collection of cookbooks, a deli and a range or products available in stores across the UK.

What an impressive list of achievements! Not to mention the fact that she boasts over 1 million followers on instagram alone.

2. My New Roots

Sarah Britton is a Holistic Nutritionist and she launched her blog My New Roots in 2007 whilst living in Denmark. Since then, she has moved back to her home country, Canada.

Her food philosophy is something to admire and to aspire:

"My food philosophy is this: I don’t like labels. They force a person to define themselves with very rigid terms, and beat themselves up if they suddenly eat something that doesn’t fit that definition. I know I never want to have to label what “kind” of diet I subscribe to. Being dogmatic about anything, for me, just doesn’t work. Being flexible does."

You will mainly find plant-based recipes on her website or in her cookbooks such as this delicious sweet potato skillet hash.

3. Madeleine Shaw

Madeleine Shaw's glowing energy is something we all want ! She keeps things simple and healthy all whilst enjoying life to the fullest. This yummy mummy really believe that her skin and hair drastically improved once her diet did too.

This mumtrepreneur makes hearty, healthy family dishes and we can't wait to try one of her latest recipes: Portobello Mushroom Risotto.

Madeleine really enjoys connecting with others through the various events she organises and her videos.

4. Cookie and Kat

Kate, which is one of many nicknames, or Kathryne, which is her full first name is a self-taught photographer and cook from Oklahoma. She started this blog in 2010 and named it after her sidekick, Cookie. Now, they both live in Kansas City and work on this blog full-time.

This pair is obsessed with food and on their website, you will find plenty of tips and tricks to help you out in the kitchen. They even have a cookbook called: Love Real Food.

Can they tempt you with these simple breakfast tostadas?

We hope you enjoyed our list of women who love food and have turned their passion into a living. We hope this inspires women out there to never give up on their dreams !

Happy International Women’s Day!

The Author: Sara Dubler

Sara believes that the key to life is all about balance! She takes part in many fitness activities and sports, her favourite at the minute being CrossFit, which she started in 2017. Sara thinks it is very important to eat healthily and loves cooking up recipes which she shares on her blog or through Instagram @_ahungryblonde_.

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