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The novel coronavirus is affecting everyone around the world in various ways. The ongoing social distancing guidelines mean a new way of life, staying mostly indoors and at home.

Staying at home is the best way to flatten the curve of infections, slows down the spread of the virus, and helps to protect yourself, healthcare workers, and people with compromised immune systems. Whilst it has to be considered a privilege to be able to study, work, and live our lives from home, we also understand that you may be stressed, restless or bored spending all your time inside. That’s why we have gathered a few ideas for you to keep busy.

1. Clean and reorganise your home

Many of us have wanted to clean and reorganise our wardrobes and home for a long time, but our busy lives often have not allowed us to find time. Now’s your chance.

Here are a few inspirations to get you going:

2. Brush up on your cooking skills

Whether you want to master basic cooking skills, like how to make pancakes and cook the perfect steak, or make your way methodically through every page of a cookbook, now's your time. 

Here are a few sources we love:

3. Donate and help the elderly with their shopping

The elderly as well as people with underlying immune system weaknesses are at higher risk of catching the coronavirus and for having complications if they do become sick. Many of you are aware of that and want to help your neighbours - just make sure you also keep yourselves safe.

4. Learn how to meditate

Meditation is a simple practice available to everyone, which can reduce stress, increase your calmness and clarity and promote happiness. Learning how to meditate is straightforward, and the benefits can manifest themselves quickly.

Here are a few Apps and introductory article we love:

5. Move your body

If you haven’t done so before, switching to a home workout routine isn't easy, it does take some space and a lot of self-motivation, however, many trainers and fitness experts, apps and studios are doing their part to help us stay in shape during these times. And establishing a balanced workout routine could, most importantly, ease your anxiety and keep your immune system strong.

Here are a few inspirations:

Tip: Stay away from rumours about Coronavirus. Check serious sources that give substantiated advice from official sources on how to keep yourself safe. For Switzerland, check

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