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What better way to celebrate International Women's Day then by telling the story of 5 Swiss food blogger that were able to turn their passions into a successful career! Thanks to their appetising and easy-to-make recipes, they were able to make us re-think our food and lifestyle habits, helping us becoming more health-conscious and more sustainability-oriented.

@foodie.yuki — Yukiko Tanzi

If there’s a woman who knows how to face difficult situations without ever getting discouraged, that’s Yukiko Tanzi. Heart transplant survivor, this amazing woman was able to build her own career by posting about her healthy recipes and lifestyle that today inspire over 220k followers. She started as a photographer through Instagram in 2017, and her vibrant energy and good vibes were able to make everyone fall in love with her personality as well as her recipes, and her motto is “Life happens, chocolate helps”.

She strongly believes that food is an expression of love, that brings people together and that makes everyone happy and that can also be therapeutic: "there's nothing more magical than seeing a cake rise in the oven". She offers egg-free, dairy-free and vegan options, to make sure that everyone can taste the experience of trying her delicious (as well as healthy) recipes.

Website: foodie.yuki

Instagram: @foodie.yuki

@vanillacrunnch — Lara

Researching, trying and experimenting can actually lead to something great: Lara had no idea she would have been able to launch her own blog just thanks to her love for desserts, and yet, today over 125k people follow her! She’s based in Bern, Switzerland and her goal is to make the world understand that you can balance a healthy lifestyle without giving up on taste. She inspires her followers with a plant-based diet that includes enough chocolate to keep the energy up and that can be a sustainable alternative to make a change in the world we live in.

"With the project Vanillacrunnch, I like to bring you a little bit closer to the magical world of vegan desserts, lifestyle, sport, tech and my travels." . She promotes a healthy lifestyle and she loves to create new desserts (some of them are even raw, like the one in the picture below!) that can bring happiness and wellbeing.

Website: Vanillacrunnch

Instagram: @vanillacrunnch

@loumalou_blogNadja Zimmermann

Four cookbooks and CEO of an online platform, content creator and photographer, mother of two children, and can you believe we’re talking about just one person? Nadja Zimmermann started her career on social media in 1999 as a TV presenter and today she inspires thousands of people with her ability to make her recipes easy and accessible for everyone. She is well-aware of all the struggles that women have to go through on a daily basis, and this is why she created LouMalou, an online platform that helps release women's stress by focusing on simple but effective menus that make everyone happy. She stands for a relaxed and sustainable lifestyle by limiting animal-based products and encouraging healthier options.

She offers creations that do not always have to be made from scratch so that there is still time for other things, such as enjoying life and the beauty of nature.

Website: LouMalou_blog

Instagram: @LouMalou_blog

@aninahimsa Anina Geppmrs

This amazing 26-year-old woman shares healthy, vegan and gluten-free recipes and promotes a healthy lifestyle, full of relaxing walks and fresh food, covering also the topic of mental health. She teaches people how to live their lives in the most sustainable way possible and she gives daily inspiring tips, and other than that, she is offering a yoga retreat. She is able to convince you that tofu can taste extremely delicious just by looking at her beautifully made food pictures, and her positive vibes will make you want to try yoga for the first time in your life!

Website: aninahimsa

Instagram: @aninahimsa

mrsflury Doris Flury

Doris has been living in Switzerland for the past 10 years, she is a mother of three children and extremely passionate about food and cooking. She likes simple, healthy and family-friendly recipes that work quickly and make you happy with every bite, and her 90k followers on Instagram couldn't agree more.

In her mind, healthy eating corresponds to following a diet with as natural and as little processed food as possible: "the more natural, the better". Knowing how to choose fresh and plant-based ingredients is key for a balanced and low-cost diet. Her recipes are easy to reproduce and they usually only count a maximum of 6 ingredients, other than being extremely delicious! She wants to promote the idea that being vegan is not about eating salads, but it's about wellbeing, health, sustainability and it's also fun!

Website: mrsflury

Instagram: @mrsflury

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