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Did you know that the way you eat could reveal a lot about your personality? Some of us take our time to eat, while some others are fast eaters and they are the ones who usually finish their meals first. Then there are people who like to eat one ingredient, and those who like to mix different food to obtain an unusual combination of flavours.

The behavioral food expert, Juliet A. Boghossian, found a correlation between what we eat and how we act. "My father was definitely my inspiration and my first subject. Based on his eating habits I understood what motivated him and what distressed him most. Most importantly, a peek into his thought process which ultimately revealed his behavioral tendencies." she said.

Following her theory, there are 4 different kinds of "eaters."

In the first category, we find the so-called "fast eaters" , who have difficulty with finding balance in life, even though they are more likely to be productive and sometimes even successful in business. They are very goal-oriented, ambitious, and ready to try new experiences. On the other hand, sometimes they may be impatient as, according to Boghossian: “The speed at which you eat reveals the speed at which you take on and enjoy life” .

The second category include the “slow eaters”, who like to take their time to enjoy their experiences. They could be considered as stubborn and often put personal needs in front of other people’s needs. They know how to appreciate the little things in life, they love to be in control and they tend to be confident with their decisions.

In the third category, Boghossian talks about “people who mix foods” , and as the name suggests, they like to try new combination of flavours and they don't mind if their dish looks messy. They tend to be more responsible, but they might find it hard to focus on only one task. They enjoy risks and thrills, not only when it comes to food, but also in other areas of life.

Lastly, we have the category of “people who eat foods one at a time” . They like to focus only on one ingredient at a time and they are usually more task-oriented. Flexibility and the ability to adapt in unknown situations is definitely not one of their main strengths. “This behaviour conveys a task-oriented personality versus a multi-tasking individual” Boghossian said, “also, it conveys a disciplined and border-line stubborn tendency to complete one task before moving on to another”.

What about your way of eating? Can you identify yourself in any of those categories?

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