Swiss Quality meets

Mediterranean Taste

We combine Swiss quality, industrial expertise & excellence with Mediterranean food culture and a balanced approach towards nutrition and lifestyle.

Swiss Quality meets

Mediterranean Taste


Our Causes

Swiss Quality

Farm to Box

Our Guidelines


Social Inclusion

Every snack or box you buy, supports a social cause. We collaborate with local institutions such as Fondazione Diamante to support socially marginalised communities. We provide employment in our production facility for those who cannot find work elsewhere.


Happiness & Wellbeing

It is our mission to enhance our society's happiness and wellbeing. The rise of non-communicable diseases like diabetes and obesity requires the re-thinking of our nutrition and lifestyle choices. We work with renown nutritionists in developing our products to offer healthier, yet tasty snacking solutions.

Marble Surface
With us, what you see is what you get.
We make high quality new generation Swiss chocolate and snack food products sourced fairly & sustainably and processed as well as packaged in a transparent manner in our own production facility. The majority of our ingredients are organic and 100% traceable, enabling us to control the whole supply chain, from farm to box. Our facility is fully certified in line with Swiss production and quality standards. 



Origin: Dominican Republic 

Flavour: Mildly intense

Texture: Smooth and creamy

Processing: 72 hour conched



Origin: Sri Lanka

Flavour: Nutty

Texture: Crispy

Processing: Dry roasted

Raw material sourcing

We source raw materials directly from selected suppliers & farms (we use local, where we can) that fulfil our quality standards.

Ingredient inspection

All ingredients are carefully inspected upon arrival at our snack factory warehouse and then arranged for preparation.

Processing & Packing

We use a combination of manual handcrafted and automatic processes in production to keep the human touch whilst ensuring food safety.

Direct customer delivery

Each parcel is hygienically packed and sealed. We use SwissPost and other renown postal services to deliver all parcels as fast as possible to your doorstep.


“Sustain Right“ Philosophy

Environmental Sustainability Guidelines developed in collaboration with Olivia Grebler, Founder and CEO of Biolia and the Ecocook programme in Lausanne, Switzerland.

“Eat Right“ Philosophy

Nutrition Guidelines developed in collaboration with Alice Mackintosh, registered Nutritional Therapist at The Food Doctor Clinic on Harley Street in London, United Kingdom.