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Heritage meets

Modern Production

At Domani Food, the founders' extensive business heritage serves as the foundation of producing good food for the future.

Our History

Heritage since 1877


The Founders


We apply extensive industry experience in the dried fruits, nuts and Swiss chocolate sector to creating innovative, high quality products for the modern consumer. As early as the 1900s, CimaNorma was offering chocolate without added sugar. At its peak in the 1960s, the CimaNorma factory was producing 1'500 tons of chocolate per year, employed and educated 340 local workers and was exporting globally. Since the early 2000s, Abouzar built multiple high capacity factories in food around the world. In 2012, Mani's factory in Dubai produced 3'000 tons of dried fruits and nuts snacks per year and employed 60 local workers.


Farming, processing and commercialising food products has been at the core of what we do for over a century. In his childhood and adolescence, co-founder Abouzar spent a lot of his time on the farms and in the factories of the family's bulk dried fruits and nuts business in Northern Persia, that was established by his grandfather Hossein in 1877. There, from a young age, and later in the trade department overseeing international export, he became a connoisseur of ingredient quality, origins and an expert in sourcing. Such detailed understanding of the complete supply chain has become a key driver in how Domani Food and its brands approach business. 




Funda, Abouzar and Julia ♥️ good food!

Based on their extensive expertise and over 140 years of background in family businesses in the food, printing and sustainability sector, they founded Domani Food with the vision to combine the best practices of safe and high quality food production with new food trends. 


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